Friday, January 8, 2021

Truth or Dare, The New Criterion

An article I highly recommend. 

Once the definition of "Truth" is "whater the Democrat/Media/Deep State" conglomerate says it is, what then? 

For one thing, "justice" is whatever that unholy (and proudly so) conglomerate says it is. 

Consider the case of Ashli Babbit ... the unarmed woman shot and killed while trying to enter the capitol during a protest. I guarantee you will hear a lot less about her than say "Raymond Floyd". She happens to be a 14 year military veteran, and as much as the MSM is working to portray her as a "crazy", at least so far they aren't saying she was high on drugs, resisting officers, or having a long history of violent arrests. Perhaps she forced herself on a guy at a drunken party in high school as Brett Cavanaugh was alleged to have done. Since she was a Trump supporter, I'm sure the left considers her demise to be "just". 

We live in a time when most of the "woke" culture tells us that there really isn't any "truth", because it is all determined by "privilege". What they really mean is that "truth" is whatever they say it is. 

As a Christian Conservative, I'm naturally offended by people rioting and trying to forcibly get into the capitol of the now lost nation that was once the United States of America. I believe in an actual "Rule of Law" -- clearly a fantasy after 2020. 

Many of the riots of 2020 involved massive violence and destruction of property -- including very expensive police precinct headquarters as documented in the "Ashli Babbit" link above. Our media branded those riots as "mostly peaceful". The media, nearly all Democrat politicians, and many corporations strongly support "Black Lives Matter" ... a Marxist anti-American organization that created and espouse violence to achieve its goals 

If we have any desire to return to being a nation that respects things like elections, rule of law, free speech, life, liberty, and the pursuit of meaning, it appears that violence is required. Christian conservatives abhor violence, however most of us agree that in war and self defence it is allowed and even required. 

Elections failed in 2016 and 2020 ... the left never accepted 2016, and the sane do not accept 2020. The level of election fraud has made elections useless -- and the Democrats continue to oppose any attempts to make elections believable, and even keep pushing and achieving mechanisms to make them less believable -- mail in "voting" being only one of the most egregious.  

Without the rule of law and elections that can be trusted, the only mechanism operative is "the strongest win" -- and even worse, it tends to mean that the most ruthless triumph. 

Those of us who believe in God, family, law, justice, history and other such concepts, are naturally offended by the riots in DC that MAY involve "conservatives", or at least "Trump supporters" (I don't believe what the media tells me, but I do hear it). 

Do we believe that "mostly peaceful" is something that needs to be supported by the right in order to move the needle to something like "we really DO need to make it clear that without honest elections, violence is required"?

If not, are we not slaves to the "soft" and increasingly hard tyranny of the left?

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