Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Bezos, Amazon Oppose Mail-in Voting

The link takes to to the Seattle Times, the only "mainstream" source I could find reporting this ... albeit in a rather "coded" way.  

The important quote is: 

Jeff Bezos — a strong Democratic supporter — and Amazon are aiming to postpone a unionization vote at one of its warehouses in Alabama, the Wall Street Journal reports. Interestingly, Amazon has requested that the National Labor Relations Board reconsider allowing mail-in voting, claiming that the mail-in voting process has “serious and systemic flaws.”

For which you have to go to "right wing" sources like this

One reason we are divided is because of what is NOT reported -- if you only listen to the MSM, you never hear this. You believe that "all reasonable people accept mail in voting is safe and secure". Counter claims are "without evidence". 

Certainly none of the "elite" would think it has "serious and systematic flaws"! 

One would have to be some sort of deplorable Trumpist to think that!!! 

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