Friday, October 16, 2020

The Tangled Web We Weave (inside the system that shapes the internet)

Not a bad book, but I suspect mired in "fighting the last war". I would highly recommend "After Google" as a better alternative read that is more pointed toward tomorrow than the past and one view of today. 

My biggest takeaways from the book came from pages 148 and 149. The "Five Eyes" (USA,UK,Canada,Australia and New Zealand) that share the vast intelligence taken off the internet.

The UK came up with the program to take all the digital data off the light pipes. "Tempora". The US program, "Prism" got all the data from Apple, Google and FB, but Tempora got it ALL! 

Ball tells us that the totality of the data is "only kept for three days", and they metadata (who sent, where to, IP @s and "similar data" is "only kept for up to a month"! If you believe that, I'm sure you believe that the FBI did not run an op called Crossfire Hurricane to spy on Trump before and after the 2016 election! 

The bottom line here is that if you make a non "Davos elite, Democrat, Deep State" (but I repeat myself) post or even "like" somewhere, you may well have everything that you have done by cell or internet since 2003 or so sitting on a Five Eyes server somewhere. 

Winston Churchill would be happy to hear that "the English Speaking Peoples" are banded together, however I think he would be appalled by the loss of privacy.

Ball has been shocked to find that the internet generation doesn't care about the loss of privacy. They have been indoctrinated to have full faith in the Deep State and tech elite. They have Twitter, FB,YouTube, free porn -- what kind of an ingrate thinks they ought to have privacy as well? That is so old school! If they could take some ADHD drugs and at least skim "The Stakes", they might at least experience a mild shiver -- but then there are drugs for that as well, so why experience the pain of learning when pleasure is what you worship?

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