Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Biden Bars, 25th Amendment

Why the red bars? Anybody with a moment of graphic design knows that bright red bars are going to draw the most attention. 

Some of my thoughts: 

  • They wanted to use the hammer and sickle in red, but thought that might be too obvious. 
  • They are making it clear that "Red America" will be put behind bars when they win. (where else would you put deplorables? 
  • It makes it clear that this is really the "Bid Harris" election ... Joe isn't a factor. 

While I'm speculating ... 

I do like the yellow ... "or such other body of congress may by law provide". So all you really need to remove the president is a majority in the house! Cool! Welcome to the banana republic of N America. 

So what do I think? 

It's a goal line taunt.

They know the election is totally rigged in their favor and they want to show us that they can do whatever they want, so we need to get on bended knee now before we get the lash.  My hope is that Biden wins with 200 million votes compared to Trump's 65 million, and at least a few people find it strange that out of 230 million eligible voters, 265 million voted. I'm not sure of that though ... note that 244 US counties have more registered  voters than live adults, and nobody seems to care about that. 

Oh, the link at the top is just entertainment for this likely waning time when we can laugh. It is harder to laugh in the Gulag. 

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