Thursday, April 20, 2023

For Whom The Charge Is Directed

The statute that Jan 6 protestors are charged with was intended to be for tampering with evidence. 

Brushing aside the statute’s history stemming from evidence tampering in the Enron scandal, Pan’s opinion said the law applies to any effort to obstruct an “official proceeding,” including the ceremonial tallying of Electoral College votes by the U.S. Congress.
Normally, "mostly peaceful", or even mostly NOT peaceful protests (see BLM and many such) are NOT prosecuted, since protest is covered as speech under the first amendment. 

"Section 1512(c)(2) has been on the books for two decades and charged in thousands of cases—yet until the prosecutions arising from the January 6 riot, it was uniformly treated as an evidence-impairment crime,” Katsas wrote. “This settled understanding is a ‘powerful indication’ against the government’s novel position.”

"Equal protection under the law" was once a foundation of the Democratic Republic of the United States. 

Now, to any sense there is any statute at all needed, any obscure statute can be used to prosecute you if you challenge the Narrative. 

On the other hand, when the Tennessee Capitol was stormed by a mob that included a trio of "lawmakers" (law breakers?), there were no arrests and no charges. 

If it wasn't for double standards, The Totalitarian Banana Republic of Wokeristan would have no standards at all. 

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