Thursday, November 4, 2021

"Rigged", Mollie Hemingway 

I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Ms Hemingway at this wonderful event ... a thoughtful belated birthday present from my wife. As a bonus, the guy sitting next to us grew up in Bode IA, a town about 15 miles away from our current home, even closer to my wife's home of her youth. 

As an LCMS Lutheran, it is good to know that Mollie is a sister in Christ!

I was struck by the number of attractive young women at the event -- maybe "15%", average age 25-35? Similarly, young couples ... 25-40. Perhaps moderate / intelligent conservatism is stronger than it is characterized to be by MSM. 60% of the attendees were "50-70", pretty much all couples. There was a lot of evidence of "upper middle" wealth, and unfortunately only a handful of blacks. Conservatives need to get more "Winsome"!

I've been interested in voter fraud since at least 2005 when I read "Stealing Elections"

It is pretty much an open secret that Nixon beat Kennedy in '60. The "Daley Machine" came through as did a couple of counties in Texas. Nixon was encouraged to challenge, and would likely have won, BUT, he refused since he felt that Americans having faith in the integrity of their elections was more important than winning! (that really changed in 2000!).

"Rigged" covers a lot of well documented information on how the media, Deep State and Democrats had the election rigged from the day after Trump won in 2016. 

On page 138, she even mentions "The Cloward Piven Strategy" ... if you have to destabilize the country to win, go for it!  ... BLM, Riots, Defund the Police, "CHAZ" ....

She pulls a number of quotes from a Time magazine article from Feb 2021 that pretty much covers what Mollie does. Of course the Time perspective is THANKFULLY by expert coordination between the Democrats, Corporations, the Deep State, the media, etc, the country was SAVED from Trump!!! (praise be to Satan)

 She discussed the Hunter Biden memory hole. As always with that kind of discussion, my mind goes to Mary Jo Kopechne. Perhaps what happened to her is not America's "Original Sin", but it is one that changed us forever. She ought to have a memorial in Washington, right next to Ashli Babbit's

It is a worthy and heavily footnoted book that is easy to read. Yes, it could have been a little shorter, but then I'm really not one to cast aspersions here. Writers tend to write.

It gives a "medium distance" view of 2020, and really makes the case that it is America that is now "Rigged", not just the 2020 election. 

As always, the linked review at the top is more "traditional". 

One of the key takeaways of the book is that complaining about election fraud AFTER the election is useless, The evidence has been destroyed by those that committed it by then! If we want fair elections we have to act NOW. If we let bills like HR1 pass, the cause is lost, and short of civil war, separating the nation to red and blue, our goose is cooked -- the steep descent into Fascism/Oligarchy will be complete.

Let's go Brandon!

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