Tuesday, August 10, 2021

"Dinger", A Dangerous Name!


It seems rather niggardly to jump to the conclusion that a racial slur was yelled at a game in which the team mascot of the home team is"Dinger". 

Just because something sounds like something else, doesn't mean it IS something else! 

Must we jump to the most negative conclusion we can relative to race? 

As Glenn Reynolds likes to say, the demand for racism greatly exceeds the supply. This explains why we get one false alarm–or, often, outright hoax–after another. What is interesting, I think, is how unembarrassed the people who falsely accuse others of racism generally are.

Indeed ... when there is a shortage of actual racism, it behooves the "Race Hustler Industrial Complex" to hurry up and manufacture some! 

No matter how much the left denies it, when the demand for something exceeds the supply, someone is going to try to produce it ... even if the replacement is counterfeit, poor quality. etc

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