Friday, June 26, 2020

The Book Of Concord

I bought the hardcover and HIGHLY recommend it! It is a beautiful book, well printed, well bound -- a physical object that testifies to the critical importance of God being made man in the person of Christ. In this mortal coil, the physical is real to us, so it is critical that Christ came, died, was buried and rose in "the flesh". As man, he lived, breathed, cried, loved, bled, and died.

As a Risen Saviour, he lives and comes to us as a resurrected perfected body and blood that can eat and drink, yet can walk through walls and be a real presence at multiple communion tables where that resurrected body can nourish our weak and barely there spiritual self. The communion table is where our physical temporary selves have a critical connection with the eternal -- our current reality is physical, we must physically connect with the eternal through regular participation in the Body and Blood of Christ in a corporate worship.

If you have any faith, or no faith, this is a wonderful work. Coming from a Baptist tradition, this book shows the issues that led led to the Reformation, and attaches them to the Bible and the fathers of the Christian Church Universal -- based on the FAITH of Peter, rather than the person of Peter, and also deals with the further thinking that it is possible to enter the Kingdom with no sacraments at all, only "your personal decision". (unless you are a thief hanging on a cross next to Christ)

To be human is to flee God, therefore all our churches are constantly drawn away from "Saved by Grace alone through Faith in Christ alone".  The old Adam is not completely buried until we are.

So we and our churches are constantly tempted to be saved by -- "the church", "our decision for Christ", "our works", "our love", etc

Even if you are certain you will never agree, this book will make you aware of what it really is that you are not agreeing with!

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