Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Voter ID

First, "Politifact" is definitely biased -- so we have Fake News calling other news fake.

Second, what is NOT reported is often at least as important as what is.

Canada requires voter ID, 

Mexico has very stringent Voter ID.

Thirdly, while the "fact check" honestly reports that 2/3 of americans support voter id, it's main justification for opposing ID is because "studies show it is rare". Hmmm

"Studies have shown" LOTS of things that have turned out to be false, and "proving", or even postulating the rarity of something hard to observe is next to impossible. eg, You may believe that you have no mice (or few) in your home "because you have not seen one". Would you be willing to bet big money that someone could not find a goodly number? If you see ONE, are you willing to bet that is the ONLY ONE, or at least that there are "very few"?

Without voter ID, how do you find fraud?

So far, this is all typical bickering, but FB is claiming that "The only valid reason to oppose voter ID is because you plan to cheat" is "mostly false", and are flagging it thusly so they hope people will be led to not consider that claim, and look into it themselves.

 EVERYONE, is biased. Our best approach is ALWAYS to at least look at "both", or often "many" sides ... get a balanced media diet, because often the MSM will not even mention stories that disprove their narrative ... nor will Fox, or other even more biased media on the right or left.

If you are too busy for a balanced media diet, I recommend All Sides.

I quibble with the "ONLY reason" in the meme. 

Being misinformed, having limited mental faculties, being so ideologically committed that you blindly support "your side", etc are also at least "reasons", of various levels of validity for opposing voter ID.

However, we have pretty ample evidence that Democrats are extremely willing (certainly much more willing than Canada and Mexico for example) to insure that "voters" of very limited capability or veracity as citizens get to vote! This would seem to fly completely in the face of their commonly stated view that anyone that votes Republican is "stupid, uneducated, backward, etc".

The "fact check" has this "support":

In 2006, the Brennan Center commissioned a survey that found that an estimated 21 million voting-age U.S. citizens didn’t have government-issued photo IDs. Of those 21 million, 15% of citizens who earned less than $35,000 a year, 18% age 65 or older, and 25% of African Americans didn’t have a current government-issued photo ID.

"Survey says" is certainly good enough for "Family Feud", but what kind of person actually finds it sufficient for supporting argument on the integrity of voting?  If you don't have the capability to realize that you are absolutely required to have photo ID in order to live in this country (drive, buy on credit, cash a check, ship a package, get a room at a hotel, fly, etc, etc) do you REALLY want such a person to vote?

Certainly Democrats do ... they actively canvas nursing homes, shut-ins, etc. I've often visited such and love them dearly, however I KNOW that if someone knocks on their door and "helps them" with a ballot, they are certain to "vote" however the "helpful person" indicates!

There is some excellent information on voter fraud in this post, including a pointer to a great book that covers the "how it is done" very well. This is another good thread to follow.

The bottom line here is that the MAIN reason to oppose voter ID is because you benefit from it ... which Democrats clearly do, and have for ages.

AND, you definitely can't trust the media! They will consistently lie to you (both knowingly and unknowingly) and maybe even of more importance, do all they can to fail to report and even suppress (as in this case, labeling it "fake") information that does not support their narrative!


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