Saturday, December 21, 2019

IBM and The Holocaust

The subject book is an overly long, but largely unconvincing attempt to pin major responsibility for the Holocaust on TJ Watson and IBM. As I read through it I thought of our current Holocaust of over 60 million babies murdered in their mothers wombs, and am ashamed to realize that turning away from horror remains our standard practice.

On page 232, Black states the obvious ... that IBM was far from alone in making business deals with Germany, indeed many Americans felt that Germany was unstoppable, and of course the US was very anxious to maintain neutrality until Pearl Harbor was bombed. After WWI, americans felt that they could stay out of the "world's problems" ... much like many americans today are happy to ignore the slaughter of the unborn. 

If you follow the link, you will see a reasonable review.

No question Watson was greedy, willing to ignore evil to make money, ruthlessly competitive and constantly attempting to eliminate competition by any means. He was a classic capitalist of his time,

He would be right at home in today's US political environment.

Looking at Google and Amazon dealing with China today assures us that human nature remains fallen.

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