Monday, November 25, 2019

Cultivation of the Soul, The Enemy of Socialism.

A great little article on the lack of wisdom in our now so prevalent Western materialist thought.
Foolishly, this survivor of Communist slave labor camps revealed himself “to be an enemy of socialism.” Solzhenitsyn recalls a Canadian TV commentator who “lectured me that I presumed to judge the experience of the world from the viewpoint of my own limited Soviet and prison-camp experience. Indeed, how true! Life and death, imprisonment and hunger, the cultivation of the soul despite the captivity of the body: how very limited that is compared to the bright world of political parties, yesterday’s numbers on the stock exchange, amusements without end, and exotic foreign travel!”
It may be that the oppressive denial / distraction of the soul in the 20th century west will turn out to have even worse effect than the oppression of the USSR.

Stalin once remarked; "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic". How very true -- the 100 million+ murdered by communism and socialism -- 6 million Jews by "National Socialism" alone are incomprehensible to our material brains. Only recovery of our souls can begin to comprehend the horror of this and the 60 million+ now murdered in their mothers wombs.
We are never closer to evil than when we think that the line between good and evil passes between groups and not through each human heart.
We all live by some standard -- we worship that standard, so the most important act in human life is to accept the standard  (Truth) that God has provided (Christ -- The Way, the Truth, the Life), lest we rely on our "intelligence" to "choose" another object of worship. ( man, the state, ideology, ourself, etc ... all in fact being Satan)

The myth of human "choice" is the most damaging of all -- we were created to joyfully serve  God, but in Adam we rejected our purpose through Satan, so we became divided -- with the knowledge of good and evil running through our souls. In Heaven we will return to only knowing good.

The base foundation is denial of God and a purposeful creation.
Bolshevik ethics explicitly began and ended with atheism. Only someone who rejected all religious or quasi-religious morals could be a Bolshevik because, as Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and other Bolshevik leaders insisted, the only standard of right and wrong was success for the Party.
In my writings I will often refer to "The Party" (TP) which is the combination of the Deep State, Administrative State, the vast majority of our public schools and institutions and most of our media intellectual establishment. It is best represented by the Democratic Party currently, although as Trump has exposed, it also includes much of the once opposition Republican Party.

While we have the curse of the knowledge of good and evil, the Devil much prefers that we distract ourselves from that knowledge and assume that we are "basically good". Human nature is always to ask the wrong questions.
We sought an explanation for those prisoner cattle cars, but it should now be clear that it is not cruelty that requires explanation but the reverse. To ask the reason for cruelty is to ask the wrong question. People sometimes ask the reason for slavery, but since slavery was practiced everywhere for most of human history, the right question is the opposite one: why was slavery eventually abolished in many places? In the Bolshevik context, it is mercy and compassion that require explanation.
Darwin explained to us that the only "morality" is "whatever works" ... survival of the materialy "fittest". It and we are all just "stuff" -- if violence is more effective/fit, than it is to be preferred in a materialist world.
Kopelev, Solzhenitsyn, and others describe the key event of their life as the discovery that just as the universe contains causal laws it also contains moral laws. Bolshevik horror derived from the opposite view: that there is nothing inexplicable in materialist terms and that the only moral standard is political success.
There light at the end of the hard to read article -- "Everybody has been indoctrinated with the slogan that, in a material world where nothing beyond the laws of nature exists, “The result is all that counts.” But camp experience taught that that was a lie. “It is not the result that counts . . . but the spirit!” Once you realize this, “then imprisonment begins to transform your character in an astonishing way.” You begin to appreciate friendship differently. Recognizing your own weakness, you understand the weakness of others. When another prisoner relates how he became a Christian, Solzhenitsyn recognizes that when he had been most certain he was doing good he was actually doing evil. He understands “the truths of all the religions of the world: They struggle with the evil inside a human being (every human being).”

The whole article is WELL worth your time -- in fact, it could be eternally significant!

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